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The LEAD hub!

The LEAD hub is a community of active learners; mentoring and encouraging each other to be our academic best.  

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LEAD tutors!

We bring all our programs to your homes and schools through highly experienced tutors equipped to implement our programs.

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Community service team!

Students have opportunities to initiate and execute community service development and leadership projects

Our programs

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Refoundation courses

This program is a unique opportunity for learners struggling in regular school to take time off to rebuild their foundations in relevant subjects. 

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Resource centre

The hub provides a conducive and encouraging space for learners to stay study focused, and receive professional guidance where necessary.

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American online high school campus

We partner with International Virtual Learning Academy which is an NWAC, COGNIA and NCA accredited American online Middle - Highschool.

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Engineering, Coding and Graphics

We provide STEM programs and courses to learners across grade levels.


I learnt a lot about myself here. Such a supportive environment that strives for your personal and academic growth. The staff are premium and kind. I love everything about the experience I had while being here :)

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Naomi C


This lesson right here has changed my children's lives. You should try it out!

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Mrs. Yemi B



Flat 1, Block A35, Zone 3, Games Village Estate, Abuja


+234 905 490 9494
+234 905 490 9494 


Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.

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