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Daily Feedback

Let us track your child’s progress on daily post-session feedback. We focus on student participation while encouraging flexibility and real-time interventions as we strive for constant improvement.

Monthly Strategy Evaluation

We are here primarily for your child’s growth. Our program manager does monthly assessments to review the effectiveness of the system and make changes where necessary so as to keep them on the right path to success.

Post- Session Feedback

Be updated daily through our post-session feedback. We understand that every parent should be an active participant. That's why we make timely interventions for continuous enhancement.

Learn with ease at LEAD Learning

We’ve got the best academic resources to make your child a LEADing student.

Enjoy the benefits of our well-structured study plans at LEADlearning

Our commitment lies in fostering your child’s educational journey. Our array of programs is thoughtfully crafted to meet their individual learning needs and aspirations.

In-Course Support

We will be with your child every step of the way. The most important part of the learning process is the proper comprehension. Our tutors have firsthand experience in diverse teaching methods. Thus, they provide each student with a suitable way to understand any concept.

Academic Foundation

Reinforce your child’s basic knowledge with our specialized programs, unit classes, and novel instructional tools. Rebuild their foundations in ANY subject area so they can face their challenges head on.

Examination Prep

Let us equip your child with the tools to conquer their examinations with confidence. The expertise of our tutors spans across the various globally recognized examinations like SAT, IGCESE to ACT and others. We walk your child through the process, giving them all that they require for you to be as successful as can be.

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Olayinka Tedimola


Dear Parents,

I'm Olayinka Tedimole, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to LEADlearning as you consider enrolling your child in our online education service.

At LEADlearning, our mission is to create the optimal learning environment, providing students with an exceptional educational journey across various grade levels and subjects. With over a decade of experience, skills, and knowledge, we have devoted ourselves to crafting effective programs and systems that prioritize the well-being of students.

Drawing from our extensive experience, we are confident in our ability to deliver outstanding results. That's why we invite you to schedule a demo session with us. During this session, we can delve into your child's unique interests, goals, and aspirations in detail. We're eager to understand your requirements and discuss how we can support you in achieving the educational goals you have in mind.

By working together, we can help your child gain knowledge and experience personal growth. Thank you for considering our tutoring services; I'm excited about the opportunity to collaborate closely with you and your child.

Warm regards,

Olayinka Tedimole

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Oh, very effective! Especially for highschool students and programming classes. We have invested in technology and training that makes our online as seamless as possible, allowing us to integrate the advantages of online resources while retaining the dynamics of an in-person tutor.

Asides from what many would call ‘regular school content,’ we have expanded to include curriculums and tutors for French Language, Digital arts and Programming.

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